Posted on: March 21, 2009 2:43 am
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Round One


 So...all in all, my bracket is doing fairly well. I have 28/32 teams advancing, and I only eliminated 2 sweet sixteen teams, so far. But, there are still some things that just really frustrate me. I thought I was being a little risky picking two 5-12 upsets, and then there were three of them??? Ridiculous. Though the two I did pick. WKU and AU, were correct, Wisconsin threw me for a loop. And the one seeds yesterday faired a lot better than the ones today. I mean UConn and UNC literally spanked the competition, but Pitt and Louisville both played fairly close games. Which gave me heart attacks every time I looked at the score. And another thing, as a really big SU fan, I really can't deal with too much more overtime. It's just too much. Especially two games at once, my poor heart can't take it, and I really don't like it when neither of those games turn out in my favor. Sad day. The last hour of Friday just gave my bracket an ass whooping. Though, I am very thankful that I rethought putting Wake Forest in my final four, I'd be far more upset right now. I played round 2 out pretty conservatively, no big risks, so we'll see what happens there. What I will say about round 2 is that I am definitely rooting for cleveland state. If my bracket gets messed up, I want everyone's to. Not that there are too many people that had Arizona in the sweet sixteen. And hell, I'll root for Wisconsin too. And one last thing to add. ACC 3-3 after round 1. Big East 6-1. Pretty sweet. The Big East has the most teams going into Round 2, (well tied with the Big 12, which is just dominating right now), if having 3 number one seeds wasn't wonderful enough. Take that "ACC is the best conference by far" people.



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Posted on: January 8, 2009 4:52 pm

What are the Celtics doing???

I don't understand. What are they doing? It's like ever since they lost to the Lakers, they got shook. They've lost 6 of their last 10 games, not to mention the last 3 games they played. And really, they lost to Houston last night??? I don't want to start bashing other teams, but I definitely think Houston shouldn't have been a huge challenge. I just don't get it. I really hope they get their act together soon. I don't enjoy watching my team have the best record in the league, break their franchise record for consecutive wins, and then just give up and start losing. And lastly, what the hell has Rondo been doing lately? He was turning into a complete power house and an assist machine, but he's been off the last few games, and even though Pierce has been on fire, when Rondo is off it seems that the whole team is off.

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